Logic Pro 8 logic 8 struggles to open


Lately when I pull up logic 8 and I turn my audio interface on (fast track m audio pro) as soon as I hit play it will go into the rainbow spin ball thing and freeze there.

Then I will quit logic and reopen it, but it sticks when it gets to the checking Midi Drivers section, it sometimes still won't open logic.

sometimes it will open logic, but it will often not proceed.

this is a recent problem. can someone please tell me what may have happened?

I am using an external hard drive that I run my projects off. Like my beat is on the external hard drive and i record everything onto that too, instead of onto my iMac. I just thought I'd add that detail.

could it be because i have only 2 gigs of ram and if i get 2 more in my iMac then it will work?

thank u very much!
Q: Are you booting Logic up and THEN turning on your audio interface? That is what your message sounds like.

If that is the case, make sure your audio interface is on when you start up your computer for all the drivers it needs to be properly loaded. When the boot process is completed, then boot Logic.

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Yes I'm opening logic then turning on the interface. I will start doing it the other way around. Hopefully that makes a difference. thanks!
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Logic 8 does recommend 4 gigs of RAM so I would say that the performance of Logic will be improved in general if you were to upgrade.

Also, while it may not relate directly to the particular problem you are having, running projects from an external drive will probably slow Logic's performance too.
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Taybot, your original post sounds like this is a different behaviour from what it used to do. Sometimes my computer starts getting flaky (in the manner you describe) and soon afterwards a drive stops working properly. Is your external drive really full - like 85-90% full? That will definitely cause trouble, and you'd have to clear some space if that was the case.
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Well, I have also had that kind of behaviour when a drive is about to fail. Try booting up Logic with the external drive temporarily disconnected. If everything behaves properly without the external attached, it's possible that the drive is nearing the end of its life and it's time to quickly copy everything off it onto a new one.

It's also just as possible that it's something else, so don't let this alarm you!
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No it only happens when my M-Audio Fast Track Audio Pro is plugged in and turned on. So when I am about to record is when it happens. But when Logic finally does open, everything works fine.

I'm about to get 6 gigs put in my iMac but I don't think this will solve the problem. Any ideas?
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