Logic Pro 9 Logic 9.0.1 Update "not needed"?

Hello again.

I have LogicStudio 9. It is version 9.0.0. It is installed and working.

The 9.0.1 update doesn't show up in my Software Update dialogue box (the recent iTunes update did). I downloaded the 9.0.1 updater and when launched, it tells me that the update "isn't needed". It won't let me install the MainStage 2.0.1 update either.

I repaired permissions btw.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in Advance folks.
wrong name

Thank you !

I renamed "Logic Pro.app" to "Logic Pro 9.app" , a big no no.

So I renamed it back to "Logic Pro.app" and the updater worked fine.


Urban Utan.
Thanks Mark! That was it.

I had it in the app folder, but had renamed it "Logic Pro 9" (because I have 7 and 8 still installed).



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I renamed "Logic Pro.app" to "Logic Pro 9.app" , a big no no.
There is actually one very good reason for changing the default name of an app - if you want to keep a copy of it as a reversion after an update such as 9.0.1, copy "Logic Pro.app" to another location, such as your desktop, rename it to something like "logic pro 9.app", let the updater do its thing then move the renamed copy back. That way you will have something like logic pro.app (now being 9.0.1), and logic pro 9.app will still be available as 9.0.0. Useful for all sorts of reasons, such as cross checking any different behaviour you may suspect between different versions.

kind regards