Logic Pro 9 Logic 9.1.3, 3 dead keys in OS 10.6.7

I have found when operating Logic 9.1.3 in Mac OS 10.6.7, I get 3 keys that are dead. Transposing only shifts them to another area on the keyboard. Have tested this on 2 computers.
Using the same equipment, I find there is no issue with this in 10.5.8.
Is there a patch to correct this problem?
Please give us more info...

I assume you are talking about dead keys on a MIDI keyboard.
What are you using to test the keyboard? If it's a sampler, it's possible there are keyswitches assigned and these will not trigger MIDI notes.

This is not a known problem with Logic 9.1.3 - it certainly doesn't happen on my system. I have never experienced a dead key here at all.

There must be some other cause.....
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Hello Colin.
Thank you for your speedy reply. This is my first post, just joined.
Well this is strange, the problem has vanished!
Sorry to have bothered list members, but I have been working on it for a few days, on and off.
I'm just glad it is resolved, not sure which of my attempts fixed it, it is a mystery...
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