Logic Pro 9 Logic 9.1 crashes when I switch the Recording Prefs to 96K

After watching a few of Eli's informative videos on Logic 9, I decided to redo a bunch of preferences/key commands in all of my templates, and set my recording pref to 96K.. My Apogee Ensemble supports 96K, and Audio/MIDI setup reflects my setting of 96K. However, when I switch this in the Logic Prefs, it crashes the program completely. I have tried to re-initialize the Ensemble, restart the Mac, etc etc, and this seems to be a recurring problem.
Anyone else having these issues?? Do I have to set up 96K recording before I do ANYTHING else??
Mucho Gracias in advance!!!


That'll teach you to watch those videos ! :D

Sometimes this stuff can be real voodoo. Just a hunch here - and it's easy enough to try - try shutting down your whole system, disconnecting your Euphonix, and then rebooting everything without the Euphonix control surface.

I know this shouldn't make a difference; but my gut tells me it's worth checking. And it's easy enough to test and rule out.
Funny that you mention Eucontrol/Euphonix control surfaces Eli!! I downloaded and installed their most recent patch from yesterday, and the issue seems to have resolved itself on it's own!! Still trying to figure out how an Ethernet Control Surface has anything to do with Audio Prefs in Logic 9, but....Hey!! It works now!!!

Thank you for your response