Logic Pro 9 Logic 9.1 Installation probs

derek austin

Hi all,

Running Mac 10.6.2.., Mac Pro 8 core

Tried installing the 9.1 update, but get a message saying "Your computer does not need this update"..?

Mac is 8 core mac Pro, 64 bit capable, tried installing the update in with machine booted in 64v bit as well as 32, but no go?

Have installed update on identical machine at work with no problem.

Any suggestions?

Hi Derek

Please refer to FAQ 13. Usually, the reason why you cannot update Logic is because it has either been renamed, or moved from the applications folder, and thus cannot be found by the updater.

HTH, kind regards

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Hi mark

yes, I had heard this, but it really doesn't apply. Logic (from 6 onwards) has always lived in the Applications. I actually tried moving it out and back again, to 'jolt' the installer into seeing it, but to no avail.

Strange thing is that I have an identical 2nd machine, but don't get this problem.

Is there a fix?

Many thanks for the help.

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