Logic Pro 9 Logic 9.13 and Powercore X8


Does anybody use this combo on a new Mac (I have the new 8core). It works very well unless I power something on or off while running plugins from the X8 then I lose the unit and get a long message in Console. I can reproduce it any time which I suppose is a good thing. After quitting Console it usually works again but it must be some kind of weird bug either in Logic (and Waveburner, it happens there as well), 10.65 or Powercore.
I have of course already tried plugging the unit into another circuit but the same thing happens there as well.

It's very strange....
Are you talking about turning off a drive in a firewire port? If so, this is completely normal behavior, because the system is attempting to dynamically reassign the port to a port that is already in use (the Powercore). I wouldn't recommend doing this at any time.
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Oh no I'm talking about turning on ie the stereo while Logic is running using the powercore......That is not so normal behaviour.
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Maybe you require a power regulator... sounds like a brown out to me (that meaning that your power circuit doesn't have enough power on the line to send enough power to everything, so when you add 1 more thing, you end up with not enough power and things, especially computers, go nuts and stop working properly). and yes I did notice your comment on putting your power into another outlet, are you sure it's actually on a new circuit?).

Could you please be a bit more detailed in your description? You could let us know if there are additional drives, what triggered it in more detail (like the stereo power amp might have been helpful) any details that might help?
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Hmm I thought about that but I am one of those who still use the old fashioned giant mixers (Soundcraft Saphyre) and there's a meter on the powersupply which indicates that I should be ok. It goes from +10 to -10 and mine is around -5. TC says that the powercore should work from 100-240 V and mine probably is around 230V, maybe 225 so it should work.
I think I have to find another X8 and see if that one does the same. TC has suggested that it could be something in my X8 because it's not normal behavior. Also I have many. many things in my studio and it happens whether I have everything on or just the Mac and the monitor.
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