Logic 9 and compatible virus software



Does anyone know of a virus software for mac that won't mess with logic or my DM4800 with FireWire card.

I hear there can be issues with running one?

Running osx lion
Tascam DM4800
Mac Pro 12 core

Thanks guys.
Ya don't really have to worry about viruses on the Mac.... Windows, YES, Mac... welll lets just say in 30 years of using them I only ever had 1, and it was benign, didn't do any real harm, and that was back in the floppy disc days.

I'd suggest you fagetaboutit...


Thanks for that.

I have been using mac for years without an issue but I heard that this kind of thing was on the rise so just thought I would be better safe than sorry.

Cheers, I will have a look at Fagetaboutit


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Fagetaboutit.com is an available domain

You know... call me paranoid, but with the massive increase in the sale and use of Apple devices around the world folks are starting to target Apple, iOS and who knows what.

Hackers go after PC's because they are the machines of choice for most companies and businesses including mega billion dollar corporations and the good 'ol US government. Hackers like a challenge and they want useful information.

Anyway, I decided to try a Mac anti virus software and monitored it to see if it would affect Logic 9.1.8. I have Sophos (available at sophos.com) and so far have not had any problems. It's free.

However, I would recommend that if you are serious about your music production that you don't have your DAW connected to the internet at all.

Anything you need to import can be brought over from another machine via a USB drive after having been scanned.