Logic Pro 9 Logic 9 and Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 problems


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Hi There

After running Logic 4.7 with a G4 for the last 8 years I have finally upgraded my set up to a mac pro, Logic 9 and a Saffire Pro 40. Installed both logic 9 and the saffire software with no problems.
When I change the audio preferences/device in Logic to Saffire, no audio plays back in logic or registers on the Saffire Pro mixing page.
I have set up the Saffire Pro as instructed in the manual. (I also have a keyboard going into the saffire Pro via midi , which also dosen't register on Logic.

Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated,as I'm way out of my technical depth:)

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Sorry for the silly question, but have you checked the volume knob on your Pro 40?
If that is not the case then you may need yo update your SaffireMix to the latest version and update your Logic too. There's also a slight chance that you may also need to reinstall both.

If problem persist, try to contact focusrite, http://www.focusrite.com/answerbase/en/contact.php

Their technical support are really helpful, just let them know the details of your system and problem and they will get back to you in no time.
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I feel your pain - I upgraded from a very simple Emagic USB interface to a Saffire 24DSP last year; I initially had a lot of trouble getting it to work because it was so much more sophisticated than what I was used to. Had to spend a lot of quality time with the manual & staring at the software interface to get it to work, but I'm very happy with it now.

Anyway, Focusrite has a lot of self-help resources on their web site. You might want to check this troubleshooting guide out:


There is also a link to a tutorial on setting the interface up on that page.

If you aren't seeing any action in the saffire mixer software when you play an audio file in logic, it would seem to me that you have a mismatch between the output channels logic is using and the DAW input channels you are using in the saffire mixing software...

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