Logic Pro 9 Logic 9 and mono


I'm using Superior 2.0, and would like to record my Kick, snare, and whatever else would sound good, on a mono channel; but I'm stumped on how to do this. Can anyone tell me how to switch my stereo channels to mono?
Well you can use the "gain" plugin to mono a signal, you'll still see a stereo channel but the signal will be mono. Another approach is to create a mono-mono instance on "gain" on a mono track, then command+drag to a stereo channel and this will give you a single channel mono output.
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Logic and mono

I'm going to give your suggestion a shot, but could you be a bit clearer on the process of how to create the mono plugin?
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On a mono track (you can create a mono audio track if you haven't got a mono track to start with) select the gain plugin on its channel strip (Utility->Gain). This creates a plugin that's output is fixed as mono and will force any channel it's on (apart from physical outputs) to mono. If you create a gain plugin on a stereo track, it's output will be fixed as stereo. The clever bit is to drag the mono-mono gain plugin instance onto a stereo track where it retains its mono output status and forces the channel strip to mono. Hold down the command key and, using your mouse, drag the plugin (the blue name tile, not the GUI)
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Logic stereo channel to mono

Got it!! Brilliant little trick, and one I can now pass on to other users when I see the same question asked. I'm fairly new to Logic, and it's folks like you, through this forum, that have helped me one hill at a time. Thank you!!

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You can force mono plugins to be called up on stereo tracks and stereo plugins onto mono tracks by holding down the Option key when calling up plugins from the insert menus.
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