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When I create a new multi timbral software instrument, I get 16 channels in the mixer that are identical. Is this expected? I understand there should be 16 seperate midi track in the arrange window, but why 16 identical audio tracks? WHen I click on the plus sign to add aux tracks it only adds 1 and VE PRO is not available...what's up? I can get Kontakt or Addictive drums to have multi outs, with no issues, so what am I doing wrong?

Yes, 16 tracks in the Arrange Window is exactly what is expected. You'll notice that each one is assigned to a unique MIDI channel. This is what you use for your Arrange Window tracks.

You then need to instantiate a multi output version of Vienna Ensemble Pro as the actual software instrument. The plus button will then become available on the channel strip in the mixer. You need to press it fifteen times to generate fifteen aux tracks. Then in VEP, assign the outs to net 3/4, net 5/6, net 7/8 etc etc.
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Still not working...

Eli- thanks for responding...my first question was about getting 16 IDENTICAL tracks in the MIXER window..when you move one fader they all move...so what is the point. I get that there are 16 tracks in the arrange for midi.
All that aside, when I click on the plus sign after instantiating VE PEO multi-out I get only 1 aux channel no matter how many times I press the plus, and no plug-in is available. This only happens with VE, again, I can do this with Kontakt or Addictive Drums etc.

sorry for the caps- just truing to be clear....
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@ nten:
You're getting 16 mixer objects (not tracks) because they each correspond to a track in the arrange window. Each one sends to a different MIDI channel - which is the whole point of being multi-timbral.

However, they seem to be identical in that all the faders move together, as well as pan etc. This is because the fader objects point to the main output of the plugin and therefore control master volume. They don't each point to individual volumes of MIDI channels. In order to address volumes of each separate MIDI channel, you have to send CC data which can be done via automation on each track, which is why you have a separate track and object in the first place.

Re the Aux'es: Don't confuse multi-timbral with multi-channel.
Multi-timbral means being able to address more than one sound or part on different MIDI channels. Multi-channel means being able to address more than one output or set of outputs. For example, EXS24 is not multi-timbral, but it can be multi-channel (in that individual samples or Groups can be assigned to different outputs).

Having said that, you're right that clicking the + button should create new Aux'es.
I don't use VE Pro so can't help there....

Regards - Colin
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Multi Output VE PRO

Colin-thanks for that explantation of the mixer objects. I still have the same problem, when I hit the plus I get 1 aux track with no plug-in input - just audio and bus, and only 1 - no matter how many times I "plus". It work fine with Ex24 or Konakt - but I tried it with PLAY and the same failure as VE PRO- is there some preference I'm not invoking?
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I've been working with VE Pro recently in multi timbral - multi output configuration and it has worked flawlessly. I don't know why it wouldn't be working for you. Do you have the latest version? There's nothing special you need to do. It works as any multiple output instrument does in Logic - by clicking the plus button multiple times to generate the aux tracks assigned to the multiple outputs.
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hey guys... I'm having a multi-output problem with Logic Pro 9.1.1. I have the same problem with Logic 8. When I create an AUX channel it works fine with Logic plug-ins - ultrabeat, EXS24 etc. But when instanciating any 3rd party plug-ins the input drop-down list for the aux channel no longer shows that instruments outputs in the input list. Anyone else have this problem, or better yet a solution? Thanks....
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It looks like you haven't instantiated a multi output version of Play in your second screen shot. Make sure it is a multi output version. And then create the aux tracks for the additional outputs by means of the + button on the bottom of the channel strip.
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Hi Eli - thanks for your reply! Here's a new song with just one multi-timbral multi-output PLAY instance. As you can see I've started by adding 1 new Virtual Instrument to arrange. It created the 16 midi tracks. I then instanciated PLAY multi-output (9x stereo) and assigned my first part to PLAY outs 5-6, hoping they would show up in the AUX input selector... no such luck. I'm stumped.
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It looks like you are creating those auxes manually and trying to assign them manually from the input menu. That's not the way the multi output routine works in Logic 9. Click the + button on the Play instrument channel strip. That will generate the appropriate aux track, tied to the host instrument, with the the proper assignment.
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Sadly that's not the case. I created the Aux by clicking the + sign on the instrument track. I've trashed my logic prefs and booted with just 1 AU inst at a time. I tried this with PLAY, Kontakt and stylus RMX individually and none worked. Logic plugins work fine - EXS24 and Ultrabeat are fine....
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FWIW, I just tried it with Kontakt and it worked fine. And the inputs do also appear in the input menu of the aux channels.

Have you tried it in a brand new empty project? Maybe try this - just for sake of ruling out project specific corruption. Other than trying this though, I don't know what more to suggest at this point. :(
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