Logic Pro 9 Logic 9 and TD9 vDrums


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Hey Folks,

I'm new to the forum. I was fairly proficient with logic 6, but I just shazamed up to Logic 9, and I'm a babe in the woods...

I have a new set of Roland TD9 drums...I'm wondering how one might create a midi track for the TD9 - you know, that recognizes it as a unique object, perhaps with icon and all? So that I can record the drum track as a midi track, etc?

Thanks peeps...
Well, to get you started - do this:

* Connect your midi up both to and from your TD 9 to your midi interface.

* Create a new "external midi" track from the new tracks dialogue box.

* Make sure the port and channel are set to match your TD 9 drums.

And that's it. You should be good to go to record midi to this track and then play it back and have it trigger the TD 9. Don't forget to turn local off on your TD 9. And of course, don't forget to cable up the audio outs of your TD9 for play back. But this will get you going recording and sending MIDi to/from it.

You can change the icon if you want from the channel strip parameters in the Inspector. Click on the "icon" field and a list of available icons pops up for you to choose from.
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