Logic Pro 9 Logic 9 audio routing

I'm still on Logic 7.2.3 but considering the jump to 9.

Is the audio routing a lot more flexible in 9?

1) In 7 you only have the options to route a track output to a bus or a hardware out, is it any more flexible in 9? In particular can I route directly to another track or an Aux without needing to go through a bus? (I want to be able to set up post fader compressors)

2) Can you route a bus to a send without needing to go via an aux first?




The one significant improvement to audio routing - and this was introduced in Logic 8 - is the ability to record from a bus as the input to an audio track. You are no longer limited to physical inputs as an input source. You can use a bus as an input source. So basically, you can re-record from one audio track directly onto another one. You need to assign the output of track A to a bus, and then assign that bus as the input to track B.

There is also an improvement in version 9 where the main output is assigned to a virtual pathway called Stereo Out. And you can assign where that Stereo Out is routed to in the preferences. And you can optionally mirror it with another output pair if you are using Output 1-2 of your interface as your main outs. This is great if you have two sets of monitors for example.

And lastly, there is now an option to apply pan law compensation to stereo balancers.
Hey Eli,

that's very interesting thanks... I can see a lot of applications where I would use that.

One place where I've recently been finding Nuendo very flexible is the ability to use its mixconvert plugins on the send routing.. .especially for surround work or where you want to split stereo tracks for mastering processing etc.

Does Logic 9 raise the game at all in that area? In Logic 7 I have to end up committing a lot of buses and screen real estate to these kind of tasks.



Hey Eli,
When are your new videos coming out (approximately)? Looking forward to them.
Hi Daveyboy,

Thanks for your interest - and continued endorsements! I am actually just on the verge of finishing up the new Logic 9 Explained series. I actually hope to be finished today or tomorrow. Groove3's turnaround time is usually pretty quick, and I know they've already begun editing the videos that are already completed. So, I'd estimate that they should be available online in a week or two.