Logic Pro 9 Logic 9 Bounce & RME FireFace UC


Hi all.

Invoke the bounce function in Logic and my mac looses communication with the UC. It's not the same loss as unplugging the USB cable because TotalMix does not quit. But the UC is lost to the computer.

Quickest workaround I've found is to unplug and re plug in the UC USB cable.

Have I found a rare bug in the UC driver or is it my particular system config?

Could anyone with the same computer, interface and software give it a try for me?

I've already had someone over at the RME list try it on a 2008 Mac Pro and a 2006 Mac Book and he does not have this problem.

My system is a 2008 MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard X.6.1 & Logic 9.0.2

Thanks in advance.
Hi, I'm an idiot but I once had a firewire meltdown which my nephew repaired,and I was wondering about the name RMEFireFace-is it Firewire or USB?
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Normally Firewire, as the name tells you. But not in this case. RME makes two well-known interfaces, the Fireface 800 and 400, now they added a third device which is basically a Fireface but has USB. It's called Fireface UC. and this is what Paul means.
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while we're on the RME topic..I use an RME FF800..does anyone have any experience or know of any quality difference between the FF800 and the FF400?

1 place tells me theyre the same, just different number of ins, another tells me the AD/DA converters arent as good on the 400 as the 800???? Anyone have an idea?
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The specs on RME's site will shed some light here. While researching my UC purchase I discovered that the 400 & 800 had different performance figures. This would indicate something different but not necessarily the converters.

And to Peter the FireFace UC easily qualifies as one the worst interface names ever! One of the RME guys even jokes about it on their forums. "We couldn't call it the USBFace"...

I guess no one is using my computer/ interface config around here yet...
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To the thread..When I 1st started using the 800 on the G5, everytime they had an updated driver, I would have problems, so I rolled bak/reinstalled w/the disk and its been ok...actually have an old driver on that, but if it works..sok..

Im going to install the 800 on a quad tomorrow, so we'll see how the drivers for that work..hope its fun...in a good sort of way...
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If its usb, Im sure you've tried a new usb cable, different ports on the mac...I know of people who use pc's that have to reconnect their cables everytime they power down/up, but Ive not heard of that w/the macs...
Some of the pc guys have tried a powered usb hub, and plugged into that...that seemed to help a few of them...
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