Logic Pro 9 Logic 9 CC numbers


I'm trying to get Logic 9's hyper editor to control Garritan JABB 3 (Jazz and Big Band) sounds, vibrato depth and speed in particular. Logic's Hyperset menus use decimal numbers for certain CC#'s but they are not the same. Decimal for Vib depth is 77 but its CC number is 131, for JABB at least.

Using 77 as the hyper set number for vib depth doesn't respond. But if I set my midi controller keyboard to CC#131 it works i.e. it records the vib depth into the track. This doesn't appear in the hyper editor though, but shows up in the event list as C-press data.

I want to be able to draw vib depth/rate data in - and a load of other parameters. Anyone able to shed light on this? - thanks