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I am new to this specific forum so my apologies if this was covered some time ago.

I recently installed Logic Pro 9 on my laptop to use with my legacy Metric Hal0 UNL-2 and Console 5.4. When I play some previously created projects, I get the following error message:

Error while trying to synchronize audio and MIDI.
Sample rate 48000 recognized
Check conflict between Logic Pro and external device.

The odd thing is that the files play correctly through the UNL-2, but the error message halts the timeline marker until it is cleared (and it comes back every few seconds).

I must have overlooked a setting. Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks. (It is probably something obvious but somehow it is escaping me).

I am only using Logic Pro 9 and the Macbook. No external MIDI devices are connected.
That message has to do with the sync window settings. It may mean your sample rate setting in Logic (that is, in your project) does not match the sample rate setting in your hardware (which is your interface, or the Mac itself, if you are not using an interface). You may have to change a few settings.

It sounds to me like your audio-midi applet (or your interface) is set for 48,000, but your Logic project is set for 44,100. If so, change your audio-midi setup (part of OSX) to 44,100.

Logic has a "sync window" popup within the preferences setting from the main pull-down menu.
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I'd like to piggyback on this thread since I've got the same issue but it is not the same solution. All my sample rates are the same throughout the system. I have no external midi devices plugged in. Well I have got controllers plugged in but since this happens on playback I presume that's not an issue. It happens while Logic is playing back a few (3) midi tracks from software instruments. I believe it was Kontakt 4 and Stormdrum 2 (NI Kompakt version)

I've set all the buffers the same between Logic and Kontakt and SD2 (256) Process buffer is medium. There are no other tracks being played. I can't quite remember if it only happens while I'm playing in notes from another software instrument or not. (would be good to know, I know ......... but I've not gotten into detailed troubleshoot mode yet.)

It's a 2.8 8 core Mac Pro running OS 10.6.6, Logic 9.1.3, Kotakt 4.2x, 16 GB ram, Motu PCI 424 soundcard, monitored through it's AES outputs.

Thought I'd ask if anyone has a clue before I really have to dig into this. AFAIK I've seen this before with my old G5 and L8 and L9 but it's been a while since it's been a problem. The issue may go away after a couple of replays.

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The Motu 424 card has its own config applet that lets you choose the master clock source and rate. You were vague about which controllers you are using, but if they do not have wordclock/AES/SPDIF/ADAT to sync with they may have their own clocks that are running separately from the 424 interface you are using for your master clock.
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Yes, sorry.... I was trying to be complete, but?

Yes, the Motu card has nothing to do with it. At least the settings match and it's set to it's own internal clock while I input data, which is normal. My controllers are merely midi controllers so no clock issues there.

Didn't happen yesterday with the same project running a cycle for 5 or 10 minutes so maybe it cured itself?
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None of the 424 interfaces from MOTU have MIDI. How are you locking your MIDI to your wordclock? (i.e., Digitital Time Piece, MIDI Time Piece A/V, Unitor MkII, etc...)
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That's just it. I'm not locking midi to anything. It all triggers internally from software instruments. ........ and it hasn't happened for the last two days. So I'm probably good.

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