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Welcome to the Logic 9 FAQ. Here you will find a collection of questions and answers which are commonly asked with regard to using logic. If there is some piece of information you think belongs here, feel free to forward suggestions to a moderator or administrator, or post about it in the Logic forum.

Please also refer to the Logic 8 FAQ. Many of the tips listed there are still relevant for Logic 9:

Logic Pro 8 - Logic 8 FAQs - please read before posting

1. Q: What are the minumum requirements to run Logic 9?

Apple list out the requirement for running Logic here:

Logic Pro - Technical Specifications

2. Q: Is an XS Key required?

A: An XS Key is no longer necessary to run Logic, however, if you are upgrading from Logic 5, 6 or 7, you will be asked to insert your XSKey when installing Logic Studio. Keep the XS key in case you ever need to re-install!

3. Q: Is it OK to have Logic 9 and older Versions installed on the same system?

A: Yes, with a few caveats: If you have Logic 9 already installed, do not attempt to install an older version. It is not possible to run two different versions of logic simultaneously.

4. Q: Where can I find documentation about Logic Studio online?


Logic ProMainstage



5. Q: Where can I find more up to date information about Logic?

A: Apple has published, and continues to add Knowledge Base Documents about Logic 9 here

There is also "What's new" information here

6. Q: Where can I find information about the latest update?

Logic Pro 9.1.8: Release notes

7. Q: How can I run Logic 9.1 as a 64 bit Application?

Right click on the application in Finder (or Command + i) to open the information window, in which there is a checkbox option to launch in 32 or 64-bit.It is set to 32 bit by default, uncheck to launch Logic 9.1 in 64 bit mode. Please note, some of the oldest Intel macs, such as the first core duo iMacs, Mac Minis, Mac Books and Mac Books Pro from 2006, cannot run 64 bit Apps, neither is this possible with the Core Solo Mac Mini. All Mac Pros and Core 2 Duo equipped Macs can run Logic 9.1 as a 64 bit Application.

8. Q: Flex seems very powerful, but at the same time quite complicated. Are there any good tutorials or tips available?

Apple have released some very helpful knowledge base articles dealing with Flex:

Tips for phase-locked drum edits

Tips on using Flex editing with audio files that were recorded with no tempo reference
9: Q:Logic 9.1 and Mainstage 2.1 can run in 64 bit mode. What benefits does this bring?
Here is an Apple KB article dealing with 64 bit mode:

Logic Pro and MainStage 64-bit mode FAQ
10. Since Logic 9.1, I have problems validating Audio Units. Help!

First and foremost, it is necessary to determine whether the Audio Unit is 32 or 64 bit. If 32 bit, start Logic 9.1.x in 32 bit mode (Comm+i on the Logic icon in the applications folder. In the Information window, check "Open in 32 bit mode"). it will then scan any new 32 bit AUs. Once this is done (and assuming the AU passed validation) it may then be accessed with the 32 bit Audio Unit Bridge running Logic 9.1.x in 64 bit mode. If the Audio Unit is 64 bit, run Logic in 64 bit mode (uncheck "Open in 32 bit mode"). It will scan 64 bit Audio Units and check their validation.

11. I am a little concerned about updating my current version of logic to a newer one. Is there an easy way to revert back?

Yes, the simplest way is to zip your current logic version. This is to be found in the applications folder, and is called logic pro, or logic express. Either right click or control click the program icon, this will open a list of functions, then click on "Compress Logic Pro". This creates a zipped copy of the program package. You can then proceed with the Update (you may want to refer to Logic 8 FAQ 13 about this). Should you encounter problems with the new version, and you wish to revert back while still retaining the current version, move the zipped file to some other location on your computer, unzip it. Rename it to something sensible like Logic 9.1.1 in order to be able to differentiate between the two. You can of course move it back to the applications folder.

12. Logic 9.1.3 now offers a preference to set the number of Threads Logic can use. What is the best setting for me?

Apple have released a KB document about this new function:

Logic 9.1.3: Processing Threads setting and Core Usage

13. When installing Logic Studio,Compresor won't install

If iLife '11 is installed on your computer, Compressor may be unavailable in the Logic Studio installer. Here is a solution: Official Apple Support

14. The Faders on my Mackie/Logic Control are starting to malfunction. Does cleaning them help, and if so, how should I best go about this?


15. What are the major differences between Logic Studio and Logic Express?

Here is an Apple KB article outlining the main differences between both versions:

Official Apple Support

16. Is there a way to export multiple stems in Logic?

Here is an Apple KB:Logic Pro/Express 9 - How to export multiple stems

17. I am having problems running Logic. How do I start troubleshooting?

Here is an Apple KB article with some troubleshooting basics:

Logic Pro 8 and 9: Troubleshooting basics

18. I have some older Logic projects I would like to acccess in Logic 9. Is this possible?

Logic Pro 9 can open Logic 5, 6, 7 und 8 Projects, including Logic 5 Windows Projects. Projects from Logic versions older that Logic 5 cannot be openede in Logic 9 (or8) They must first of all be opened and saved in Logic 5, 6 or 7, after which they may be accessed in Logic 8 or 9. Logic 8 is able to open Logic 9 projects, however, due to newer Logic 9 only functions such as Flextime this is not advisable and may lead to unexpected problems. Logic 9 projects cannot be opened in Logic 7 or older, nor may they be opened in Garage Band.
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