Logic Pro 9 Logic 9 + G5 no workie


This is more of a notice than a question but if anyone has had similar experience, feel free to chime in. I'm really feeling Apples clenching of the jewels right now as I tried to install Logic 9 on my G5. I first upgraded from Tiger to Leopard which has introduces about a quarter second lag in EVERYTHING I do now. It takes for ever to start up and the think has to sit there and think about it for a second when I open a folder. :brkwl: THEN I tried to install Logic 9 and the installer promptly stopped and said "Logic 9 requires a Mac with an Intell processor" I don't know where on here I read that it could be done, but not on MY G5. Now I'm downgrading back to Tiger and reinstalling Logic 8. Looks like I'll be heating up the old credit card and saying 'bye for now' to my dream of a massive passive. :( A seemingly important detail is that I used a logic 'upgrade' with a serial ending in 'A' I seem to remember someone posting that could be done this way but I can't find the thread. Would downgrading to logic 7 be a good idea too? ;)
Yea, G5's are not supported with LP9, and the people I do know who were successful in actually doing this had nothing too good to say about the performance, forget about things like Flex time...

So, you could get a last generation Mac Pro 4 core for about $1800 new in Los Angeles. Add ram, which is very cheap right now, and a few drives, which are also very cheap, and you have a system that will blow the doors off your current one.

To be straight about this next comment; I am not really a Mac Fanboy at all... how long have you had and used the G5... 5 years. Before the core 2's even came out. Dude, time to upgrade, no complaining allowed about it. I have an old P4 PC that will barely run any current music software or VI's at all (like Omnisphere).. you Mac is about the same as far as power goes.

Finally, Logic 8 was a real POS in my opinion. I almost gave up Logic over that one, then along came 9 (which I really think SHOULD have been 8), and I'm almost in perfection heaven... almost.

If you do music for a living , a new Mac is a no brainer, if you do it for fun, well, gut the least powerful Mac you can and play, use freeze allot, and have a good old time. FYI I did lots of great records and mastering on a G4 Dual 500 with 4 gig ram, and I was actually very happy.

Anyways, I diverge. Just upgrade to ( and a new mac, or revert to L7 on your old mac. that's what I'd do.
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new doesn't always mean better!?

well I'm a hobiest/part time dj for now but am a year and a recording student at a university in TX. I just ordered an 8 core nehalem so I think I should be good for a minute or two once it arrives. I bought the G5 about a month prior to Apple's Intel announcement back in 07. :mad: It's served me well and will continue to do so as a satellite processor if I can get VSL's Ensemble to work on it. That'd be sweet, an extra 2Ghz or so w 4x4 net adapters. IFF it'l work. Maybe a new thread on that when it comes. :cool:
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I´m workin with a Powermac G5 2x2GHz with Logic 9.02. This is the latest version which is running on G5 processors. It´s not the fastest setup but it works even with flextime.
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I have also used a G5 on Logic 9 until this summer when I got one of the new 8-cores. It wasn't fast but it was perfectly possible to make music on. It depends on what you do, for audio tracking it was great but when it came to tons of midi stuff not so great.
It served me well for 5½ years and it could have lasted more but probably not until the Macline was renewed again so I upgraded now.
Having said that I can't believe how much faster the new machine is. For my kind of work it's just ridiculously powerful.
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