Logic 9... In the discount bin?


Hey LUG'gers...
I present this for nothing more than for amusement BUT... If anyone wanted to speculate and talk conspiracy theories about the possibility of LOGIC TEN arriving soon, look no further than this...;
I just saw this on a virtual bargain-basement website email:
L9 sale.jpg
That's right! Logic 9 Studio (box) is for sale for HALF PRICE!! :eeek:
The web site sells all sorts of close-out items. I have bought everything from towels to sunglasses to iPhone headphones from them. This however was quite from left-field I thought!
The direct link:

SO. Let's follow my conspiracy theory thread though for a minute, as I noticed that when I clicked the "BUY NOW" button on the website page, NOTHING HAPPENED! :eeek:
NO items were added to the cart. (Not that I am looking to re-buy what I already own but I just wanted to see if that discount was real...)
So then... Perhaps this is all an elaborate smoke-screen (by the Apple designers, since they have NOTHING better to do) to confuse all the Apple fan-boys out there? (you know who you are!) 🙄
Of course, I suppose it could have been a problem with my browser but that takes me away from the conspiracy theory part which is way more fun.
Is Logic TEN really lurking in the shadows, taunting us OR is this deal just TOO GOOD to be true!?!?

I leave that up to you to duke out.

Either way, if you wanted to buy Logic 9 for someone as a gift, I'd say "act now!!"
Keep in mind, the whole concept of "discounting the discontinued version to make room for the old version" depends on one thing: that the retailer knows when a new version is coming.

Apple has completely foregone the retail market for Logic. Logic is now only for sale in the Mac App Store, and you can assume that all future versions of Logic will also only be for sale in the Mac App Store. Retailers are completely cut out.

So I'll bet that someone had a leftover box or three of Logic Studio, and just wanted to get rid of it. Perhaps nothing was added to your box because it was already sold? I don't know. But the one thing I do know is that no retailer will get any wind whatsoever of any future Apple Pro App development, because Apple is the one and only retailer of Apple apps anymore.

Sorry! :hippy:

Yeah, all possible.

I just thought it was amusing to see a piece of Apple software in the virtual bargain-bin, especially Logic Pro! :tongue:
This site probably scored these boxed versions from a brick & mortar music shop that closed down or something of the like.
Here in New York City, the old Music District on 48th street is now officially gone. Who knows, it could be from there!