Logic Pro 9 Logic 9-Is the EXS-24 still limited to 64 voices?

Is the EXS-24 still limited to 64 voices in Logic 9?

Apparently yes - see picture.
I never need as many - but you seem to - sorry for you...


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what a drag... that really limits sample libraries with lots of velocity layers... I am limited in using expansive piano libraries and usually have to use kontakt instead... I would have thought that apple would have addressed this limitation by now as sample libraries have gotten more sophisticated over the last several years
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Just curious: how comes that the velocity layers limit your polyphony experience ?
I would think first that you never use 2 different velocities at the same time for the same note, does not one should stop the over (like in (note-on1,vel1),note-off1,(note-on1,vel2)) ?
Is this the sustain pedal effect combined with the velocity sample change that saturate the EXS24 ?
Sorry in advance for my naive question.
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