Logic Pro 9 Logic 9 & mBox pro latency problems


Hi, I'm a recent convert to Logic from Pro Tools. I'm using my mBox pro clocked by a Apogee Rosetta. The Rosetta handles AD/DA. I've been looking all over the internet for a solution, but I can not find any. I've read the manuals and searched the forums. I've tried different settings and I experience this problem; when recording live instruments to a song arrangement with several other tracks and software instruments I get an awful latency when listening back to the recording. I've tried using the low latency button. My IO Buffer is at 64 samples (I tried 32 too).Resulting Roundtrip Latency is 8,3 ms (at 32 it is 6,8ms). PLC is set at 'All'. H/W buffersize in PT is 64 samples. I've been trying the PLC button on and off. There are no plugins on the master output. When I record the instrument I do not hear any latency through my monitors, but when playing back the audio is way behind the other recordings. Is this problem caused by my Mbox (and why? I've read that mbox and logic are a bad match but noone seems to be able to explain why) or am I missing any settings?
Can someone please explain what is wrong?

Please advice. Logic is completely unusable for me now.

The short answer is: lose the mbox. I have no idea why it doesn't work well with logic, but I imagine that it's not in digidesign (i mean Avid)'s best interest to make it work better with other software besides protools.

A quick test:

try using logic with just the built-in audio in and out of your mac. How's the latency? Better? Then there's your proof. Ditch the mbox. Get something else that'll interface nicely with your Rosetta.
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Can't the Rosetta output stereo SPDIF via a lightpipe cable?

If so, why not just go directly into the Mac, and like the other person suggests, bypass the M-box all together?

George leger III
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The answer was really quite simple. In the preferences (Audio>Core Audio) I had accidentally set the recording delay to -5000 samples.
Maybe I should consider buying the optional firewire card for my Rosetta, but than I loose all my other in/outs of the mBox. Thanks you for all your replys.
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