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Hi guys and girls,

I've just moved onto Apple and Logic and would love some help with the basics.
I'll have a load of questions, so I thought I would ask a few at a time as I'll need to practice all the answers, which will then undoubtedly lead to more questions.

To give a bit of background on myself, I've wrote music since school and I'm now in my thirties. I have used a Roland vs2480 for the past 10 years, but it's finally died and I figured I was up-to the standard of needing Apple/Logic.

The biggest problems I've found was although I know the generic terms, I'm getting used to the Apple iMac and Logic's shortcut keys, Copy-write names for generic terms and how to do the general processes.

To help myself I made a few mixing desk multi track wave files from finished songs so I could go through the processes I already know, but learning them on Logic. So I'll start there.

I've got all my tracks recorded and have 2 problems (So far). First the vocals had reverb added as live effect on the vs2480, I now need to add this again, so how would I add any effect to a track?

The 2nd was after that I also couldn't figure out to master/record the final mix to then burn as a cd, also if anyone know tips on either of these any extra info would be welcomed.

I better leave it at that for now, hope you can help and thanks in advance.


Wow! I had a VS880, and as wonderful a tool as that was, I found the operating system a headache, mostly because everything had to happen in a tiny monochromatic window. Moving from SV2480 to Logic is going to be a wonderful experience for you, I think.

Your first question about reverb: In the lower left of the screen, you'll see two 'channel strips;' the first is the track you have selected in the Arrange window, the second is whatever output channel that track is routed to, so near the top of the first window, under the word 'Inserts' click and hold on one of the blank rectangles; that will open up a pop-up menu of insert plug-ins, and you can select from the available Reverbs. (Try Space Designer - it's a lovely convolution verb with zillions of presets!)
Your second question about making a final mix: Hit Command-B and you'll get a window where you can select every parameter you can imagine to describe the output format you want. For CD, you'll want PCM 16-bit 44.1khz AIF, (I've always kind of liked the sound of POW-r#3 dither, but others may chime in who understand dither more completely) Tip: If you Select All (Command-A) and then click the Set Locators button at the top of the screen, then when you click on Command-B, the start and end points of your output file will already be selected. HTH


Thanks sonnykeyes, I'll try those a couple of times till I get the hang of it.
I know my questions will be the most basic boring stuff, but even looking this up on you tube didn't have the things I was after.


Please go to www.groove3.com and just rent the videos there for one month. It's a whopping $25 and I promise you you'll be up and running in no time. All your basic questions (and then some) will be answered probably within the first hour of watching Eli or Doug's videos (both forum members). For example, I made the leap and switched from using Digital Performer to Logic full time for my job in about a month with the help of said videos. Good luck.


Gave that a few goes over the weekend and the effects stuff was great, it went on to answer a load of extra questions that I was expecting to follow up with, so that was great help.

The "bounce", I had looked at it and dismissed it, as I've always known bounce as a term from the days of four tracks to free up tracks by copying them to one track, but not meaning final mix. I dismissed it as I thought it was a tool for lower spec systems that might not run more than 20 tracks at once.

A lot of it, for now, has really fallen into place, but I do have a couple of questions, hopefully you can help with again.

1. all the preset vocal effects seemed to have chorus/flanger/phaser, like the 90's rock trend in vocals. I tried turning the different effects off but couldn't quite find what it was specifically. I found that "Golden" vocals were the nearest to what I'm looking for and I'll probably use these as a starting point to tweak for my personal preference, But if anyone knows what the particular effect is it would be a great help.

2. I was getting to grips with samples as I've never used these before and wanted to know mainly about the drums, but it would apply to all of the sample loops.
Firstly I added some drum loops and then went to chop bits out(I like to play the breaks and shuffles on my roland digital drums), but logic wouldn't allow me to alter these, I kinda figured I could just bounce them to wav and then do it but if this is some sort of protection thing can it be turned off?

Secondly as I'm finding the overlapping of the sample loops really in depth and interesting, can I use these loops if I want to sell my songs on iTunes or anywhere else. I've read on third party drum loops if you buy the box/download then you do have commercial rights to use them, is this the case with everything preinstalled with logic?

Again thanks in advance to anyone that can help.