Logic Pro 9 Logic 9 on a Mac, Korg M3, Capturing Audio


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Two scenarios: Lengthy post, so TIA for taking the time!

1. Korg M3 + Logic 9 + Mac: I can hear the complete Korg M3 combi (drums, instruments, Karma arrangment) coming through Logic 9 on a firewire connection. And yes I am aware of the limitations of the M3's EXB-FW after much experimentation and research. However, you can still hear the complete audio, drums, etc. and it registers in the mixer, and you can hear it coming through the speakers/headphones but when you try to record it certain parts are missing in the recording eventhough you can hear the complete combi playing through Logic is incomplete when played back. And yes I know I can connect instrument cables from the M3 directly and capture the complete audio material in Logic that way.

2. I want to capture internet streaming audio playing through the computer. Is there anyway to direct this audio stream into Logic for capture. I am aware of and in fact have other software that will capture this streaming audio but wanted to know if there was anyway to capture it with Logic realtime.
2. first thing that comes to mind (other than get Audio Hijack) is to stick a microphone in front of your speakers.
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