Logic Pro 9 Logic 9 pan knob problems??


Logic 9 problem: I have this project I'm working on and the pan knobs in the mixer are acting funny. If I put the bass track in the center of the pan I lose the volume. If I put it left or right I get the volume back this is the same in other tracks as well. What have I done wrong and how can I fix this? The pan knob is not panning anything just messing with the volumes. I have searched google all day and could not find an answer. ( I work a lot in the score editor.) but sometimes use the piano roll editor.
This project used both. Mac book pro 10.8.2 .


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Is a stereo signal running through that channel strip? If so, does it have a phase problem? If this is happening with all your tracks, perhaps the problem is somewhere else in your signal chain

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I'm an embarrassed.

Well :ddhorse: All day I spent looking for the answer to this about 11pm I pulled out the Y-connecter (headphone jack) and yep now everything is working correctly. Oh brother is all I can say. Thanks.
Thanks Mark and Eli