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I spent the day migrating some very old logic 9 projects to Logic 10. In Logic 9 projects consist of a file and four or five attached folders. In Logic 10 the files are a single all-inclusive file designated by a thumbnail icon. When one does the conversion from Logic 9 to Logic 10, this also creates a thumbnail. Is it safe to assume that everything from the Logic 9 project has been converted--except for some of the antiquated 3rd party plug-ins and their various settings? What I asking is is it safe to delete the original Logic 9 projects once the conversion have been done?



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It sounds like you chose the option to save the logic pro x projects as packages, instead of folders. Try saving one as a folder, this will create a folder containing the Logic Pro X project file, along with folders for audio, samples etc. If, in the finder you right click on one of the packages, then choose "show package contents" you will be presented with a number of files and folders, including all the audio etc. that was part of the logic 9 project you saved in 10.

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