Logic Pro 9 Logic 9 Routing: Missing Outs 1-2


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I'm having a bit of trouble here, so any help or advice would be appreciated:

I am using Logic 9 with an Ensamble, along with a Mytek DAC for monitoring. I need to send all 8 of my Ensamble outs to a mixer. In Logic preferences, under I/O assignments, I have the STEREO OUTPUT sent to channels 9-10 (Mytek DAC). That is working fine.

The problem is that on my individual tracks, there is no out for Channels 1/2. My outs are as follows: STEREO, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8. STEREO goes to the Mytek (DAC 9-10) out. I have no outs for 1/2 listed but outs 3-8 are working normally. Is this a Logic issue or a Maestro issue? Either way, I can not figure this out.

Thanks in advance.

"STEREO" should in fact correspond to Output 1-2. You can check this in the Track Mixer, or the Mixer Drawer, open Options -> I/O Labels, you should see something like this ( I have highlighted the Output 1-2 "Stereo Output" in red):


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