Logic Pro 9 logic 9 score note input as actual value

Hey gang,
Can one 'turn off' parameters / settings in logic 9 score editor so that the note entered (i.e. drag and dropped) from the template/palette is the valve you select from the palette?
i.e i have a blank 4/4/ measure, I wan the first note to be a dotted 1/16th note, i drag and drop a dotted 16th note from the palette and presto it displays as a 1/4 note.

I just want to write my score a quickly as possible and and let the inspriation move me and clean up the details later (just like i would by pencil and paper), but logic is too 'smart' , too automatic. (like word correcting my spelling).

perhaps logic is not he right tool for the job. would I be better of with finale notation? of silbelius? i LOVE logic, but when it comes to the score mode is it cumbersome or is it me?

thanks for any advice...
Turn interpretation mode off - it's a check box in the score inspector (affects globally). You can also do it note by note (or selection of notes) in the Attributes window.
Turn interpretation mode off - it's a check box in the score inspector (affects globally). You can also do it note by note (or selection of notes) in the Attributes window.
Hello treachercat, Doug has already fixed that "interpretation" problem, and I bought Finale to try to import scores to Logic but it can't be done easily as as Logic cannot import "music xml 2" format[look in Wikipedia under that term] so I have been importing the tracks one by one in MIDI format which leaves much out that was set up in finale. Slurs, articulations-basically the graphical layout from finale is gone, the MIDI notes are there in the piano roll editor. There are many very accomplished people on this forum who have saved me many times-I ask them now to chime in on your post. I finally bought the Johannes Prischl book "Logic Notation Guide"[google the name and book title to get his web site-which is the only place it is available.]Prischl was in the development group that created the score editor and he can explain his work better than any one. Also the chapter in the Logic Pro 8 manual is very good-I haven't printed the Logic Pro 9 Manual but I hope the same score chapter is in it because it is almost as good as the Prischl,actually the Logic Pro 9 score chapter should be slightly more up to date since a few changes have been made since 1997. Be prepared for some hard work in remembering the many ways to get the score to look like you want, and if you use the Piano Roll editor the 16th note,I believe should show up as a 16th, unless there is an "Interpretation" check box there as well- I don't remember now.Mods-correct me if possible.

The score can be used and is extremely flexible,but not until all the elements of using it have been memorised. With an occasional question here you can learn to get it working-I almost can use it alone, but I find myself returning here to find the help to get it right-[Thanks Guys!] the first time I read the Logic manual chapter I knew that, with help here, I could write the Music in the score. You might want to check the web site of Pete Thomas, he has made an object for the environment called "Combo re-mapper", with which you can use more score symbols to trigger articulations,extremely handy invention. Keep at it, keep asking and you shall receive excellent help here.