Logic Pro 9 Logic 9 - Screenset Lock Bug?


Has anyone encountered this, or can you confirm for me it is indeed a bug:

- I run Logic on 3 monitors (Left, Center, Right). The main Arrange window starts on the Left screen (Inspector, track names, etc.) and expands into Center screen using all of it to show the area used for region manipulation.

In all previous versions of Logic, I had been able to set my screen sets the way I like them (I'm sure everybody has a particular setup that works just for them), lock the screen set, and recall it at will. In L9, this Arrange window that should start at the Left window, stubbornly begins in the Center window, ignoring the location where I've placed it and locked it. I've been able to reproduce this, unfortunately, ad infinitum on my machine.

If anyone has a spare moment and can try to reproduce this and let me know, I'd greatly appreciate it. And if this IS a bug, how would one go about notifying the Logic team about it?

Many thanks,