Logic 9 Setup Question


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This is my first post, and I was looking around for the best interface, studio monitor and what not setup?
I plan to get the apogee One along with my KRK Rockit 5's.
According to what I have read the headphone output can also be
used to plug into my guitar amps so I can use the footpedels inside
the software. But I was wondering if this is how people were plugging
in their Studio Monitors?? I assume if yes then your using a Y splitter
to go to each speaker. But if not are you using a Mixer Board
to run all you instruments in and out the "ONE", while having the
KRK's on the output also?

Any info would be helpful, I searched around for the best interface, and short
of paying 500-1000$+ the One is the best suited for under the 500$ prices tag from what I gathered esp since it has it's own interface in Logic :)
But if you think there is something better I should get let me know.

I was going to get the M-Box 2 that way I could have PT LE and use
the mbox2 for Logic but I read that Maudio and Digidesign products aren't really made for Logic, while Moto, RME, and Apogee are, and depending on your budget you choose from them 3.

thanks, Salt
For about the same price as the ONE you could look at this:


Might give you a little more flexibility. It's not as compact as ONE, and it doesn't have Apogee's Logic Control Panel, but MOTU makes excellent interfaces that are rock solid with Logic- I use an UltraLite and it's excellent... actually if you could afford just $50 more an UltraLite would be a very good choice for you:


The ONE only allow either headphones *or* speakers- not both at the same time. the MicroBook and Ultralight give you the ability to plug in headphones and speakers simultaneously.


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(to admins)Sorry I posted this under the wrong sub-catgory

Yeah I have heard of the Motu interfaces and honestly I always thought the one
was kinda limited as far as interfaces go. As far as sounding good and adaptablitly goes it is up there with even his God Father the Ensemble.

See I have always used an interface that is the hub control station or I used a sampler or mixer as the hub and ran everything through them.
I haven't really worked with anything like the One before, and when I used logic last(5-8years ago) we recorded into the sampler, then put the sample onto Logic. However at this point in time I won't have one.

However that MoTu UltraLite I have looked at, I just didn't think I would want to spend 500$ on an interface. But if I got the One and then a Mixer board I would potentially spend just as much or pretty close.
Like my Mac Pro, Go big or go home, why settle if your already coughing up the cash. I do enjoy the fact that its a hybrid firewire/usb.

Besides for putting my guitar traks and what I call my vocals into Logic, I was very very interested in plugging logic into my guitar amp so I can use the effects pedels. Would I be able to do that with the Motr Ultralite??


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I just came across the Apogee GiO when looking for a pedal board/
It seems like more of what I am looking for. Cause if I am correct I
can record my guitar through it, and use Logic's effects and sounds through it and out my Guitar Amp! But like the One, its not a full functioning system.

I am also concerned about it not having eveything I need, mainly being Mic inputs, even though I really don't sing, its nice to mic guitars and just random things. But I think that having the access to my guitar amp and what, I am sure if I am to buy a pedal board this will be it for sure!

But as I read more about the MoTu ultralite the more I like, the "one" would of been the shizz if they would of made it a field recorded also!
I just got to figure if 550$ is worth the little beast!