Logic Pro 9 Logic 9 Sync with Mackie D8B and Alesis HD24


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I have a Mackie D8b Mixer running 5.1 in HUI mode and an Alesis HD24 recorder. They are connected via a MOTU MIDI Express 128 to an iMac running Logic 9.

Now I have set the HD24 to send MTC and MMC (it can only be the MTC master), the Mac to sync to MTC and receive/transmit MMC. Everything works okay and it locks to the timecode and I can get the Jog Wheel and all Transport functions to work on the D8B (I am also using the LRC as backup to Locate 0).

Here is the issue: when I record within Logic 9 firstly setting a pre-record count in within Logic does nothing (presume its because its synced via MTC?) and secondly it misses the first beat of the metronome.

Is there something else I need to do or is this due to some chase issue?