Logic Pro 9 Logic 9 upgrade: Install Failed


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Alright, so, I'm upgrading from Logic pro studio 8 to 9.

I run the installer, get about 30-40% in on the installation, then am prompted to insert the first Audio Content disc 1. I put it in, after like 8 seconds maybe, it's ejected, then asks for the Install disc again.

At this point, it immediately goes to an error, "Install Failed. Installer could not create the folder "/Library/Audio/Apple Loops/Apple"

I've tried several times, does the same thing everytime.

Never heard of this, any ideas?

Pete Thomas

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Someone else may have a much more expert advice than me, but what I would do in the first instance is create that folder manually, then try again.

But first repair all permissions for that drive.


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Well, the thing is, that folder was already there to begin with (from logic 8 I presume).

I tried moving it out of there to another harddrive temporarily, then re-installing, but it still doesn't seem to work.
Repair permissions: open your utilities folder, then launch Disc utility. Once it's opened, select your main Mac HD, and then repair permissions on the drive. That might do it..