Logic Pro 9 Logic 9 with Novation SL MkII?


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Anyone using one of these novation controllers with Logic 9? I just got the 61 key version two weeks ago, and I still can't get it to work.

When I first installed the automap software, everything seemed to be working perfectly. Then when I went to establish the link between Automap and Logic, I must have accidentally changed a setting or something, because ever since, the following is happening in Automap;

1) The Automap software opens, but the status across the top says the SLMkII is connected, but no clients are connected.

2) Also in Automap, the red icon boxes are there, and the words across the bottom of each box are there, but the actual icon pictures are gone.

3) When I try to go into the Device Manager or User Guide, the software closes by itself.

At the same time, when I open Logic, the following pops up;

'Device "Automap Mixer" is assigned to MIDI Port "Automap Logic Mixer" which is not present. Please ensure that all MIDI interfaces are connected and switched on. If this is the case, please check the MIDI port setting of device "Automap Mixer". If this is correct, click "Reset All MIDI Drivers" in Preferences > MIDI > General.'

When I go to try and reset the MIDI drivers in Logic, Automap mixer isn't even present as an option. The only choices are 'Port 1' and 'Port 2'.

I've contacted Novation Customer support on this already. They took four days to get back to me, and when they did, the guy suggested checking to make sure the automap mixer bundle file was located in the correct directory. It was. He also asked what OS I'm running. I replied, telling him that the bundle file is in the right location, and that I'm running Mac OSX 10.6.6. That was nearly a week ago, and I haven't heard from them since.

Lastly, I did update Logic to version 9.1.3 before I installed automap, and the first time, when the connection was working, I think I may have mapped all my Line 6 plugins in addition to the Logic plugins, because that first time when it did work, automap told me there were 105 clients connected? Might that have been the cause of the problem?

Any advice is greatly appreciated, and will surely be more help than I've gotten from Novation thus far.


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Hi there,

I had a similar situation hence stumbling across your question!
I dont know if you're using Logic in 32 bit mode?
I was and came up with the same problem. I restarted logic in 64 bit mode, reinstalled Automap as per the Novation instructions and it seems to have worked so far...
Fingers crossed!
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Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I got to the end of my rope trying to get help from Novation, and I sent the thing back. I exchanged it for an M-Audio Axiom Pro. It doesn't have as many features as the SL, but it worked right out of the box, and so far, it serves all my needs.

Sucks, cuz I really liked the SL (for the few minutes I was able to get it working), and I figured the solution had to be something simple, but I was getting to the end of the 45 day return period for the place I bought it from, and unfortunately I wasn't getting very timely assistance from Novation's tech support.
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Titus Raindrops

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I have the same keyboard and actually have it working with Logic 9 64-bit. But Automap is such a huge disappointment it makes me wish I had purchased something else. The buttons, dials, and faders are a complete waste. But the keyboard itself has a great feel and the sensitivity and aftertouch are pretty good.
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