Logic Pro 8 Logic and Dropbox


I'm working at another studio (we'll call it studio "B") and at home (studio "A"), with Logic 8 in both locations. I began the project with some drum tracks in "B", put the song folder into Dropbox and downloaded it in studio "A" with no problems. I did lots of edits and quantizing, and now what started as approx. 300 Meg folder is over 12 gigs (!), most of which is in a folder called "Project File Backups". No audio has been added to the song. I thought I would be able to Dropbox the song file itself (not the entire folder) back to studio "B" and open it there, as the original audio files were still there in the initial version of the song. However, I've been unable to even download or open the song in studio "B", in spite of the fact that it appears to upload on the "A" end. It appears that only a tiny fraction (like maybe 500 kb) of the 15 meg song file appears in the download at the "B" end. Am I going about this wrong? I've never had a problem with Dropbox, and it seems logical that this would work.
I suggest removing the project backups folder and try out the transferred files back in your second rig. It should be fine, since the backups are simple that: backups.

One BIG thing about drop box: It requires time to both upload the file from one system onto it's main server, and then to reload it into the slave computers box. Large files can take quite a while to do this, you can't take a 2 or 3 gig file and expect it to upload and download in 1 minute, like many people seem to think is possible.
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