Logic Pro 7 & earlier Logic and Vista... (Latest???)


Hi there - thought i would give an update on my attempts to get logic working with Vista.

I have tried loads of things - and save for creating a dual boot, i would say at this stage that Vista will not work with Logic Audio. Sad but true.

End of story.

Or is it???:):):););)

When i rolled back to Logic Platinum 5.3 and tried that - it worked. I did'nt have to change any settings.

The donlge appears to be working both on my desktop and laptop.

No sound as yet. I'm going to try ASIO4ALL (asio4all.com) universation ASIO driver on my laptop. I'll let you know how i get on.

In the meantime, if anyone else has expereinces/comments, please post on this thread.



And now we have Audio with Logic and Vista...

Quick update:

Managed to get audio working with Logic Audio and Vista, using the ASIO4ALL plugin. Worked fine with no probs.

Make sure that Microsoft wavetable synth is dissabled, as it gets in the way of the ASIO client address.

A few people reading this may question why i am keen to get logic working. The main reason is i miss the compressors (although i dont miss them enough to by a new mac!).

Just so i wasn't fooling myself, i conducted a quick test, using Sony Acid, Cubase and Logic.

On Acid, i used the sony comp, on cubase i used the Sony (sonnox) one. I rendered the files in turn and gave them a listen.

I was expecting the sony one to sound better, as it has amazing reviews, and the enhancer was switched on.

However, the logic render sounds 'way better'. And you can easily tell the difference (not like some sort of hi-fi mag test using gold cables, etc).

If anyone wants to hear this files, i can put them on youtube, etc..


* 'way better' if you love aggressive, undistorted compression, a bit like the yamaha 02r consoles.

if you are doing classical/folk/delicate stuff, then this sound may not be what you are after...

...On the other hand, if you are doing trance/house/hip-hop and want a TOUGH sound, then the logic blue compressor is unbeatable.

Its also sidechainable:D.
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photo proof...

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Hi there,I came across your thread today, and wondered if you could help: I am trying to run Platinum 5.5 on a Vista PC: no issues with installation procedure, however when I try to launch Logic, it will crash before any window comes up. The error message refers to the xkey.dll. I tried to sort out the issue by right clicking on the XP compatibility when opening the program, as it runs fine on my old W XP PC. No way. Any suggestion on how to get around all this? I believe there must be a way, as version 4.8 (which I also own) runs fine on Vista. Please help!!!
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