Logic Pro X Logic Articulation PRO 6.3 RELEASED - Up to 11 Art Outputs, Extended iPad Remote etc


Hello LUG,

We at Audio Grocery are proud to introduce to you the new ART Pro v6.3 (major update).

New Features/Enhancements

• Up to 11 Articulation Map assignments such as: five Key Switches + Velocity + Latch, a Program Change and fiveControllers. Now you can control the articulations of extended Instruments such as VSL Synchron Strings for example (watch the new video below).

• Enhanced iPad Lemur Remote Interfaces. Two sets of Buttons (130 in total) with a dual teleport.

• Now the auto-latching loads the last used Key Switch velocity when you run the Logic transport.

• Now the Art Switcher (Scripter) plugin is redesigned for 11 Map assignments and is 200% optimized. The Art Switcher can host up to 1048 Articulations.

• Now it is possible to clear/reset a specific Map assignment.

Now ART Pro 6.3 is 100% compatible with all sorts of Instruments available on the market. The complete compatibility is based on the following specifications:
- MIDI Channel & Port Switching (LASS, EW Play etc).
- Smart CC cloning for Chanel switching Instruments.
- Enhanced multi Art output Instruments (VSL Synchron, OT Capsule etc).
- Advanced KS Latching, KS Velocity, Momentary KS for instruments which require KS latching control on the fly or switching the articulation before the Note, during the Note or before the Note release (Sample Modeling etc).
- Multi Articulation Sets per Instrument (Synchron - Arts/Vel. Range; Sample Modeling Brass - Arts/Mutes/Wah-Wah). AG system offers up to 16 Art Sets per Omni Instrument.

Lets remind you that ART Pro can store the presets as Logic 10.4 x Art Sets, can switch the Arts via Note IDs, Text points or Programs, as well as can teleport the preset to iPad Lemur which is powered by a Logic track sync (the iPad preset is changed after you select an Instrument track).

The 6.3 update is free for all AG v6.x customers. By the way AG is running a Holiday Sale till January, 10th.

Note: Audio Grocery is going to release a complete VSL Synchron Strings Art Maps Add-on bundle very soon (stay tuned).

Happy Holidays!
AG Team