Logic Pro 7 & earlier Logic Audio 5.5.1 for Windows 10???

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I am new to the group but have been using Logic for years now. I have recently had a problem with my PC running Windows XP. Logic Audio 5.5.1 has been running very well in XP. My PC has died and I have had to have hard drive re-formatted and new Windows 10 loaded as there is no longer support for XP. I have also misplaced my Logic Audio 5.5.1 disc so cannot reload software into my PC. I believe this versions will not run on Win 10 anyway. Does anyone know where I can purchase a copy of Logic that will run on Win 10?? I need to have the same features as I am used to in Logic Audio 5.5.1. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Cheers.


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Welcome to the LUG Segio. While it isn't what you want to hear, I think the chances of finding a legal copy of Logic 5.5.1 are pretty small. Furthermore, the chances of running Logic 5 stably in Windows 10 may not be that high. It is approaching some 13 years since this last (and very fine) version of Logic for windows was released. It may be time to move on, either to an alternative DAW on the windows platform, or have a look at Logic Pro X in Mac OSX.

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Hi Mark,
Thanks for your reply. Looks like your suggestion of going to Mac OS and dumping Windows may be the best option for me. I am so familiar with 5.5.1 having been using it for such a long time that I really want to be able to have the same interface and features. I only use Logic for midi recording and editing midi files; I do not use any off the audio features, so ideally if I switched to Mac OS I will be looking for a version of Logic with the same midi processing and editing features. Do you know if there are currently different versions of Logic for Mac OS to choose from?? I really don't want to pay for features that I won't use. Thanks and hope you can help me further.


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The current version of Logic is Logic Pro X 10.2.1. X, and is the only version of Logic that Apple offers. It replaced Logic 9 back in 2013. Please be aware that there have been many substantial changes to logic between 2002 when Logic 5 was released, and 2013 when Logic Pro X came out. So along with starting to use an Apple computer you will have to put in some work to re-familiarise yourself with Logic. I made the switch back when Logic 7 came out in 2004 (I used Logic Windows prior to that) and even then it took a few weeks to become comfortable with all the changes. One thing I would like to mention,, the package offered in Logic Pro X is IMO astonishing value for money.

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Hi Mark,
Thanks again for your reply. That has given me enough to go on. I will do some investigating now regarding Pro X. You have been very helpful!!!
For PC Logic 5.5 does not work on Win10 but version 5.3 does look like it is working on Win10 64 bit, not working with 64 bit vsti btw. But it will run, all you need to do is change the compatibility of you exe's to xp sp3. So of program, plugin enable and uninstal. Do have midi problems when loading 5.5 made songs, audio fine but usb midi does not want to start on load of 5.5 made beats. Midi works fine on new 5.3 songs. Trying to find a fix for that atm, will report the fix if i find it in the 5 on win7 topic here ;)

BTW, i tried the newest version using vm ware player Siera, no latency at all. But imo the setup of the new logic sucks big time. Most functions are hiden away not as natural as our beloved v5. Tried Fruity for a while but that only has 24 points in between 2 notes, so can't make decent grooves on that or delay sequences like logic can. So giving up on the new tool and am trying to make the old logic work again, as i miss making music with joy. Fruity made me feel like going backward as it is too limiting in the sequencing part and if you play your notes using midi then the recording always puts the recorded midi out of sync. In logic i hardly need to use quantise as it records it exactly as we play it. So logic pc still beats most other newer sequences even logic X as that has destroyed the whole way logic was set up, pitty they had to change a perfectly good running tool and hijack it to only work for MAC grrrr So not worth buying an over priced computer as then you pressure yourself way too much to make money with your computer to try to earn back the load of cash you spend on buying that damn mac. Takes away all your joy in producing music as i have seen happening to many musician friends who because of it finaly lost interest in music production all together.
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UPDATE: Logic 5 PC User Tricks to fix compatibility problems 2018 Windows 10 + How to use 64 Bit VSTi:

I have been using Logic for years, was using XP but that had 1 gb ram limit. And 5.51 would not run on newer versions of Windows. But some weeks ago i found a way to install and run Logic 5 on Windows 10, no ram limit eighter. The key is to use Logic 5.3 instead of 5.5.1. 5.5.1 will not install or run on Windows 10. Emagic Logic Audio Platinum 5.3 will install and run fine on Win10, and best of all no 1 gb limit i run it with 16 gb ram in it.

64Bit Plugins: Logic 5.3 and 5.5 are 32 bit so 64 bit plugins do not run on it. But there is a trick.

Get xlutop-Chainer VST [Vsti or Vst]
Get JBridge

Chainer can run the newer plugins that do not give sound ones you load them as normal VSTi. So if a VSTi does not give you sound while playing, load the same vsti inside chainer and you will hear sound.

1 exception to this are 64 bit plugins Logic can not run 64 bit plugins but there is a tool called jbridge which can create a 32 bit version of a 64 bit vsti. Install the tool then tell the tool to scan your 64 bit plugin folder, and set the output of the 32 bit plugin to save to your logic vst folder. Restart logic and it will load the 64 bit converted vsti. But if you load the vsti to an instrument channel , no sound !

So then open Chainer and load the 32 bit version inside chainer, and there you go, you can play the 64 bit version.

* I encounter 1 weird error: If you load up old 5.5.1 songs in version 5.3 then it plays fine on audio and midi, but,,, For some reason your midi controller will not work. Ones you start a new song then midi works fine. If you start writing notes to create a beat and save the song, then load the song up ones you have your usb keyboard connected, then again logic will not find your usb keyboard. So there is something wrong with how logic 5.3 saves the used usb midi keyboard. I think it has to do with not saved usb controller in the pref file. Will check if i can find a fix for that, if anyone knows the fix love to hear it obviously.

+ Problems while installing 5.3 on win10 ? I could install it without even changing compatibility. But ones installed go to your program files/logic 5.3 folder and right click every .EXE in your logic folder Properties, compatible with xp sp3 , apply. Do that with all EXE in your logic folder, plugin enable, easi, uninstall and the program off course. If you have VST plugins installed already in another vst plugins folder. A simple copy of the vst dll to your logic vst folder does the trick, so no need to reinstall your installed plugins. And no need to move nexus content as example ;)

Where to get 5.3 ?
That i can not help you with, i worked at a studio years ago and ones the studio stopped i got my hands on some old material. So i found the older update that way. Will probably be very hard to find on the net as most use 5.5.1 if using pc logic ;)

Ps chainer and jbridge sites are still online, did not know if links were allowed, so removed the links in my topic. But a google search will bring you to their webpages, to test the demo or get it
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Does anyone know if one can find the old Logic 5.5 lying somewhere in the depths of the internet? I have some really old Logic 4 projects, which I can't open in the latest Pro X, but... ( there's always a but :D ) If I find the old Logic 5 and open and save the Projects with that, I should be able to open them with the latest X.
I'll reply to Sami first. I have Logic 5.5.1 on a WinXP computer I almost never use. What I have used it for is opening Logic 4 files and saving them as Logic 5.51. It's very easy for me to boot this computer up, open a file and then save it as a Logic 5 file. PM me if you'd like me to do that for you.

Last summer the PC I was using for Logic died. I bought a Mac Pro (2010) and made the migration to Logic X. At first I was completely confused and overwhelmed by Logic X. Then I took a course on Udemy on music production in Logic X and haven't looked back. It is SO MUCH MORE POWERFUL! Admittedly I bought a beast of a Mac (compared to the old PC) that I can now do everything in one box.