Logic Pro 7 & earlier Logic Audio 5.5.1 for Windows 10???

Sergio Motroni

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Hi All,
I am new to the group but have been using Logic for years now. I have recently had a problem with my PC running Windows XP. Logic Audio 5.5.1 has been running very well in XP. My PC has died and I have had to have hard drive re-formatted and new Windows 10 loaded as there is no longer support for XP. I have also misplaced my Logic Audio 5.5.1 disc so cannot reload software into my PC. I believe this versions will not run on Win 10 anyway. Does anyone know where I can purchase a copy of Logic that will run on Win 10?? I need to have the same features as I am used to in Logic Audio 5.5.1. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Cheers.


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Works fine here, disable the external sample editor, just plain Logic no external plugins or editors.....

Hi, and glad to find this forum and thread. The old Logic Users mailing list died off ages ago and untill a couple of year back but old 98 box has been serving my needs. but I have w10 now. And the fan inm the 98 bix is very noisy. Ram is maxed out at 514mb and it needs an ssd upgrade.

It installs and runs ok for me. Seem to get getting a random extraneous MIDI clock from somewhere which keeps randomly messing with the sync (smetime bigtime). WIndows 10 keeps reumbering the midi ports and Logic 5 uses to port number not device name (or someting like that) which is also a bit of a problem I think. Possibly the midi feedbackk is due to the environment in all my songs, I did some well crazy stuff in there to integrate with midi guitar and can barely remember what it was I did now.

I have a legit key and cd's and manual etc btw.

Anyone tried it on linux with wine or playonliux or somesucfh?

Anyone tried sounddiver on WIn 10

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Not an answer to the original question, but on being able to find a copy of Logic 5.5: That was the first version I bought. After that it was a series of updates to V9 where I had to enter codes or use the dongle to get each new version to work. But we all paid the full freight for V10, and there was no requirement to use earlier copy protection processes to get V10 to work. So that does mean those of us with original dongles, code and install disks can sell these to those who want carry on with old versions?
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