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Hi there, ive been having this issue with logic just dropping out for a second or two and then coming back on line. The CPU doesn't seem to max out as i am running a 2.8 Xeon dual quadcore with 14gb of RAM. I'm also getting an external midi sample rate error message even though im not running any external gear. This incidentally isn't occurring at the same time as the drop out .. it just freezes up .. i get the errror message.. I press ok and Im back in there but it is glitchy and is slowing my workflow. Any ideas would be great. I do run Omnisphere quite lot but I make sure that I keep the Cpu generally under control by 'bouncing in place' instruments that are too CPU heavy. I should be able to figure it out as i've been working with logic since Logic 3 in about 1999 but I can't. thanks
Need more info about your system, OS installed, version of logic, free space on system drive, free space audio drive, audio interface, ect.

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Logic Drop Out

Hey there,

Thanks for getting back to me. im running 0sx snow leopard, with 7.7gb left on my system drive. I have an audio drive that the sample libraries are on (22gb) left and I am writing the tune on another drive that has 540gb left. im running hLogic 9.1.8 and its going through a firewire Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 interface. its not mega regular that it drops out but it might do it every 15 minutes for a couple of seconds. its all in the box basically so i dont have any external stuff apart from my keyboard which is running through the midi port in the interface and my MPC which also runs through the Saffire. I also have a Focusrite Liquid mix compression emulator that runs off another firewire bus. A different one to the soundcard. thanks
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A new system drive may be in order, or clear out some space.

Take a look at the activity monitor/ system memory.

My MBP with 16GB RAM is using 282GB of virtual memory with just a browser open.

OSX will ALWAYS use part of your system drive for virtual memory.
OSX will ALWAYS have priority, and may delay other apps from disk access, while it handels virtual memory.

System performance will decline as as free space gets used.

I currently have 200GB free space on my system drive.

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You are overloading your system, wether you think you are or not. If you open your CPU monitor in Logic and keep it open, then run over the part of your song where you are getting this, you will see that your meter goes right to the top at that point.

Once that happens, you will trigger the "sample rate" warning. your system doesn't have the power to process things fast enough, so poof.

Omnisphere might well be the issue, but like GW says, I suspect it's more than 1 single thing. Your main system drive NEDS 10% or more free just to have your system work correctly.

I also didn't notice if you were running Logic in 64 bit mode or not. That might also cause problems if you are not, and running lots of samples (Omnisphere also uses LOTS of ram).

One last thing: make a dead track, and keep it selected when you are playing back. Logic will use CPU if you have a track selected that is a VI track. Make a dead track by creating a new audio track, and assign the input and output to non. Select it. and Logic will put everything in playback mode. That might solve your issue as well.
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Still glitching...

So i cleared out the hard drive that it operates from i.e System drive now i have 100gb free. I also did a dead track but it is still dropping out and i'm getting this error message. This drop out even occurs when i'm running only 2 virtual instruments, Tonehammer emotional piano and Kontakt running LASS.Bit curious.. It basically either does the error message or drops out for a second or two. mmmm?? incidentally I am running in 64 bit mode.


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thanks for speediness. Ive got the i/o buffer size set at 1024. Is that what you meant. LASS is on a separate drive with 450 gb of space still on it. The drop outs/ midi error syn issues are still occuring when only a single piano VI instance iwith nothing else is going on.
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With the Ram situation - That was just because it came with 6 gb of RAm and I've upped that to 14 with 2 x 4gb stick Total 14gb. The drives are internal. My LASS library off a 7200rpm 1.5 tb internal drive: I do however still have some of my other libraries on another slightly slower internal 5400 drive. Should they be transferred to the other faster drive so all my Sample libraries are on the same one? I haven't done that as yet as i'm nervous about having to relocate all the samples when i open up the tunes again. Would there be a quick way to point any track to the right place if it was looking in what would be the 'old' sample library location. Isn't there a linking alias of some kind?
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