Logic Pro 9 Logic Channels Routed differently to last opened

I have just opened Logic and all my channels are routed to different spots. I have a lynx Aurora 16 and 8 set up as an aggregate device. It used to go channels 1-24. Now when I open it all the channels which were 1 are 33, 2 is 34 etc. This has totally messed up my sessions as it is all routed through my mixing desk to specific channels and is not just a matter of re routing them 1-24 in that order as they aren't all in succession like that.
Please help. I have clients coming over and this is totally going to screw the whole sessions, making me have to start from scratch again.
thanks, Damian
I just realised I had universal track mode unchecked. I don't know what this actually does but rechecking it sent the tracks back to their original spot.