Logic Control Working Properly anyone?

My logic control has not been working properly for a while.

It does most things fine but it does not do the following:

1. The Automation buttons don't do as they are supposed to; Pressing Latch, Touch or Write just enables READ mode.

2. Pressing the Down Arrow button Enables Send #8- It's supposed to scroll through the sends 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.

3. The Rotary pots for Send/Pan when turned send the Send/Pan paremeter to either 0 or 127!!

That's most of the problems. There may be more but I would really appreciate any help on this.

Hi Felix,

I moved this thread to the Studio Techniques folder, as this doesn't involve Logic 9 software. I hope you don't mind.

As for the answer to your question, I think the answer lies in the hardware. I'm guessing it must be going on 8+ years old now, and it's not unlikely that connection on the PC board are getting worn, and it's causing some of these issues. There's nothing in the Logic application software that has changed in regards to Logic Control support.

My recommendation is that you call Mackie and ask if they're willing to take a look at your unit and repair it if necessary. They may not-the Logic control hasn't been produced for a while now. But I think that at this point, they're your best bet.

Hey Orren,

thank you so much. Yes, it is an old bit of gear by modern standards. It is the Mackie Control Universal, I'm not sure if that changes anything?
I'll give Mackie a call!
Hey There Orren,

I found a solution from the apple discussions and wanted to share it with everyone:
This worked like a charm btw!

If you are working in 64 bit mode, i think i can help, as i had the exact same issue.

1. Quit Logic

2. Trash the Control Surface Pref file "com.apple.logic.pro.cs"

3. Go to The Logic application - go Command-I to open up its information pane. Click the button to open Logic in 32-bit mode.

4. Open any Logic file.

5. Confirm that your automation buttons now work correctly

6. Quit Logic.

7. Go back to the information pane. De-click the 32-bit button

8. Re-opn Logic in 64 bit mode. You should be all fixed.


Well done, Felix, and thanks for posting the solution here. I am using a MCU, XT and C4 with Logic in 64 bit mode and never had any such problem, good to have a solution just in case :thmbup:

kind regards