Logic Pro 9 Logic crash/freeze on loading song "Quantize" window appears


I created a groove template and an audio-to-midi score in logic today in a song I worked on today (like, all day!)

Now, when I load the song, it freezes after getting to the arrange window, and after a couple of seconds a small window saying "quantize" appears. Only way out is to cmd/alt/esc. I have control of transport functions for maybe 1 second.

The last backup file was made yesterday, before doing the quantize stuff.

Sent this feedback to Logic Pro bug report. Any ideas how to fix this? Tried renaming the file which was quantized but to no avail.

Imac i7 quad core
Snow Leopard 10.6.8
Logic pro 9.1.6
8gb ram

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
open your activity monitor utility. Leave it open and launch Logic.

I suspect that it is having to do something (maybe reloading everything into ram for example) that is taking so long.

Make sure you wait about 10 minutes, and also keep an eye on the Logic app in activity monitor to make sure the CPU meter is actually moving (say between 80 and 1120 or so for example, mot 80.2 and 80.5)...
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Hi George, thanks for replying.

Activity monitor has logic running the CPU at 103.5% consistently for over 10 minutes, and nothing changes in the application, or the level of CPU usage. It seems to be stuck in some kind of loop of code.

The quantize information box remains open, but without the option to close it.

I was wondering if there's a key command for "delete all groove templates" or something? Or maybe something about reset all quantization settings or something?

Maybe in the split second before the freeze, I could do that? It doesn't give me time to navigate to the file in the arrange page and change the groove template settings that way.

How can I get in touch with Apple tech support about this? Do I have to have "Apple Support"?
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Apple support suggested that I can

a) pay £85 to be talked through the problem until it is solved (no solution, no fee)
b) get an email outlining the basic troubleshooting procedures

He also gave me free advice that if the problem does not replicate on another user's account, then the problem is likely to be with my own user preferences and more complicated to fix.

If the problem DOES replicate with another user's account, then there is a good chance that a re-installation of logic will fix the problem.

I've emailed the file to a friend to check whether it opens for him, or whether it crashes.
I will update as soon as I have more info.
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using earlier version (logic 9.0.0) did not work, although logic crashed and shut down with error report, rather than just freeze.

removing com.apple.logic.pro.plist did not work.

bypassing prism orpheus soundcard (using onboard soundcard) did not work.

currently reinstalling Logic Studio.
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FYI, after getting the file, I was able to import the midi data into a new song, so everything wasn't lost in the end. There is a major issue with the file, not sure how to resolve it entirely, so the import function was the best solution.
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Hi George, thanks for doing that.

I'm reproducing your brief email response here too, if that's OK.

George Leger III wrote:

Open a new song, and select import. Go to the song that is corrupted, and once you have selected it you will have a list of files you can import into a new song. The midi files worked fine, but there is still the quantize issue happening on the audio tracks.

And I doubt that even if you had paid Apple tech that they could have resolved this one.

What exactly did you do to get this happening?

I created a groove template out of a recorded percussion part, by recording it, switching flex (slicing) on, on that track, then selecting the option to create a quantize template from the audio file. The file was about 4 minutes: the length of the song.

I also tried doing an audio>score conversion from the transform window. I used Logic's drum synth to play it back.

When I saved the file, I selected to have the external sampler files included in the save folder, because I was using samples from other logic instruments, so I just wanted to be sure they were there.

The track was also using Melodyne on a few audio parts, and not many (any?) other 3rd party plugins.Also, not a great deal of flextime editing apart from on the one, newly recorded part. I find flextime a little bit erratic at times, to be honest...some songs I've reopened the next day and the flex markers are all out of sync. Do others experience bugs in flex editing?
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I suspect the issue was using a melodyne track with flex: melodyne actually plays back tracks from where ever in real time being streamed. If you tried to do a flex quantize to that, it probably crashed but didn't know how to finish... it's not even a system freeze of Logic.

If you want to do this again, make sure you bounce to disc the melodyne track, THEN flex it.
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The melodyne tracks were not "flexed". When I switched to flex view, it only created flex edit points on the one file I was working on.

I've never encountered issues with melodyne tracks before (though haven't tried to use flex on the arrange track...I wouldn't have thought that mattered...I just thought melodyne would play its own version of the imported track regardless)
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Also being discussed on Sonikmatter

I found a temporary solution with the import feature, but saving the new project causes the same problem when I reload it.

Copied from Sonikmatter forum:

Update: I've used the track import function, and just ticked all the boxes I could for importing, and deleted all the previous content of the song (mixer strips, arrange window content) and it's working again. I exported all the files as audio stems.
Then I reopened it, and got the same "quantize" error.

I went up to the quantize menu and there were no user-generated groove templates in there. If I do the whole process again, I could try deleting a single audio file>save as (project 1.1)>undo>delete next audio file>save as (project 1.2), until I find the offending problem...

But is there another way to approach it? Did I not read somewhere that you can "reorganise" your audio files for a particular project or something? Might that help?
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I did an import, left out the file I think was causing the problems, and then saved it as a new project, in a new folder, importing the audio files etc into that project, and it now works. Thought it hadn't at first, but then realised the tempo settings had not been imported :)

This strikes me as the best solution for the issue.
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u b k

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I've experienced this bug and have determined how to replicate it; it's caused when you perform an Audio-to-MIDI Groove Template function in the Sample Editor Factory on a Flex-Timed (Quantized) Region. Performing Audio-to-Midi Groove Template on a non-Flextime/quantized file performs as expected.

Here's a simple way to replicate the bug:

1. Create blank session, create 1 audio and 1 software instrument track
2. Import a drum loop into the audio track
3. Activate Flex mode, select Slicing on the drum loop
4. Select the software instrument track
5. Double click drum loop
6. In Factory, select Audio-To-Midi Groove Template, click 'Use'
7. Quit Logic
8. Relaunch Logic

The session now seems to be permanently corrupted. After force quitting Logic, Logic will continue to try to load this session on relaunch so you have to use another session to launch Logic rather than just click Logic's icon.

I've tried deleting the quantized audio file and removing all undo and fade files from the session directory but the session still hangs upon opening, so the corruption seems embedded in the session file itself.

I'll report this to Apple post haste.
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I've had this problem twice before....I won't touch it now, lost too much work. When I brought it up nobody even heard of it, I'm unhappy to see others are having the same problem.
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