Logic Pro 8 Logic crashes and midi assignments in Key Commands are lost

Logic crashes on me once or twice a week. I can work around that, but I lose the midi assignments for play stop etc on my midi controller. I read the manual and it states that midi assignments are stored with key commands. I have stored them hoping the midi assignments can be restored from them, but it never works - the midi assignments are gone. I've recreated them again but the cycle repeats itself over and over again.

I don't believe the .logikcs file contains midi assignments at all. Where are these stored? I've always got complete backups, so how can I restore the midi assignments?

Hope this isn't one of the questions which comes up *all* the time.


Peter Ostry

Staff member
Are you probably on Logic 7, sending remote MIDI directly to key commands? If yes, better don't do this. Logic can cycle like crazy, switch screensets, even delete tracks. I haven't heard about those problems with Logic 8 yet.

If you work via Controller Asignments, these are stored in the .cs file you mentioned. The file gets saved on program quit. If you make new assignments and want to be save, quit Logic and backup the .cs File. Otherwise, if you crash before the next quit, you lose the assignments. The .cs file can get corrupted. In doubt, delete it and Logic will make a new one. Or replace it by a known good backup.

Calling "Rebuild Defaults" from "Logic->Preferences->Control Surfaces" menu can also cure some problems.
Thanks for the post Peter. I am using 8.0.2 (isn't everyone? apparently not). If there's a reason why seasoned pros aren't using 8, I'd love to hear it. Logic does seem to be in transition between the old Emagic and the new Apple code. I last used Logic as version 4 on an OS 9 mac. But it wasn't entirely consistent then either :)

I am assigning midi note ons for basic transport controls. In the Key Commands windows I click 'Learn New Assignment' to add these and can see them in both the Key Commands and Controller Assignments windows. Its a little confusing why they are in both but the manual says this is normal. The manual calls this "Assigning Key Commands to Control Surfaces". A clue that this is nothing to do with key commands. BTW I am using a generic midi controller which isn't a supported control surface.

I've actually found the answer to my question. The learned midi messages for key commands are NOT stored in a .logikcs file when you export them. They are stored in your home ~/library/preferences/com.apple.logic.pro.cs. Anyways this preferences file definitely gets trashed if Logic crashes. But I can now replace this with a good copy if needed.

I also think I have found the cause of the crashes - Albino 3 seems to cause this. I had 4 crashes within an hour and none after 4 hours since removing Albino 3.

I hope this info helps someone else.


Peter Ostry

Staff member
You may take a look at John Pitcairns website. LC Xmu is a Logic control emulation and even if you don't use many of the Logic Control functions it is a perfect "buffer" for all kind of controllers. The reason is that you do not need to deal with individual assignments and you cannot lose custom assignments. The connection runs over the Logic Control (Mackie) protocol and is almost 100% stable.

LC Xmu has several bypass modes, so you are able to use the control surface protocol as well as custom assignments.
If there's a reason why seasoned pros aren't using 8, I'd love to hear it.
I am running L7 for my existing projects and L8 on newer, less critical ones, just to see how to fly it, and what's changed.

I find the L8 interface less intuitive in a number of irritating ways, and have found few GUI improvements. Operationally, I have found a few nice things but can't list them here, I'm not in L8 atm. Clearly they aren't particularly memorable :)

There's a conflict on L8 between the Kontakt3 text search field and customised key commands which I suspect is very low priority for the developers to address.

Freeze looks promising but haven't tinkered with it yet.

There's a function on Mixer that allows channel strips to be more easily organised, but as I use the Environment for mixing, that's not been useful.

Maybe I should try Mixer again.