Logic Pro 9 Logic does not see new plugins in insert listing


Well... Very simple.
I Just instaled the new V8 Waves plugins. They seems to work in stand alone cause with Multirack they all open. GTR is working in stand alone also...
in Logic... nope.
It show the waves folder in the insert tab and "AU"folder. Just very few like 7 plugins are being shown, but they do not open at all...

Why is that ?
All the plugins icon are in the application / waves folder.

NOTE : The stand alone (GTR or Multirack)was asking to locate the folder
of " waves plugins" so when opened the folder in application/ waves/ plugins, choose, and it launches ok...

Thanks for your help.
Very good !! It worked...Thanks
Now... something else.
All the GTR plugins do not launch, a message appears to says "check with the editor for assistance..."
All other plugins works fine...
Can you help ?
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