Logic Pro 8 Logic Express 8 & KORG nanoPad


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Hey there gang! I've been working with Logic Express 8 for a while now, but just recently purchased a KORG nanoPad to use with BATTERY 3. Well, long story short; I had to rebuild my hard drive from a Time Machine backup, so now I have to re-register the BATTERY software. Now, before, when I had BATTERY installed the first time, I had trouble getting each drum into a separate track in Logic Express (I know it can be done, I've done lots of research online.) In the meantime, I stumbled upon Ultrabeat, and fell in love with the "Indie Live Kit" and the "Studio Tight Kit", which are perfect for my needs. As an added bonus, I've created Aux tracks for each individual drum, and couldn't be happier. My question is this: is there a template for the KORG nanoPad in Logic (or Ultrabeat), and can I create patterns in Ultrabeat and save them somewhere to be dragged into Logic wherever I need them? I'm sure everything I need to know has been documented a thousand times somewhere, but I'd like to hear the answers in plain English, from people who've actually done it themselves. Thanks in advance for your attention to my rambling.