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I´m trying to combine theese two and I geuss I there´s something I have forgot or dont know.

Created Aggregate Driver to connect the Mixer with the program. Triple-checked this and the set-up looks correct. Still I don´t get very much signal from the mixer into the computer (MacBook Pro with OS 10.5.8) via the USB-cable. It records but the incoming signal is way to low.

According to the manuals it should also be possible to create a connection to respectively channel mixer/Logic.

The idea in this state is to make a live recording with the band and get every instrument in a separate channel.

Do I need something external (like hardware) or can I simply solve it with the things I have? How do I get the things working together?

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Usually an Aggregate Device onlyneeds to be created when you wish to use more than one interface. You only mention the Zed1FX. Are you using another device? Does the Zed16 show up in Audio Midi Set Up, and in Logic's Audio preferences window?

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Hi Mark!

Thank´s for responding!

The reason for using exactly this mixer is, that it is what we have in the band for the PA and it has a USB-connection. So I thought it would be possible to use for the purpose of live recording.

I looked both on Apple support and Allen & Heath support, only to find the same description about how to connect the both. (Create an aggregate driver.) According to them, both OS and version of Logic should be ok.

I find the Aggregate Driver as Core Audio something in the list of Interfaces as well in It works very well to play something from the computer via the mixer. Tried both iTunes and Logic.

Though, I´m not getting the possibility to choose clock, nor is the window for incoming signal accessable. (Found lately a "Sync" function in Logic that wasn´t visible before. Can it have something to do with the topic?)

Tried also to make aggregate driver together with a Blue USB- microphone and it worked fine with the mic, but the Core Audio was as quiet as before. Just to find out if it would make any difference.

My hope was that I had passed something very basic and easy to correct, but perhaps I need to take a closer look that I can describe more exactly how it looks and what gives or not.

It gives an ZED16r (please note the "r") that is more for studio use and for this one it gives drivers. I haven´t dared to install them as we have the fx.

Hope that gives a little more information.

Best regards

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Perhaps these pictures makes something clearer:


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