Logic Pro 9 Logic Express 9.1.3 and Roland A-800 Pro Controller (Settings)


First of all thank you for reading my question and please pardon my English.

I own three keyboards: CLAVINOVA CLP 230, JUNO STAGE, A-800 PRO. Using CLAVINOVA with LOGIC EXPRESS is good and easy, but we don't have enough commands. JUNO STAGE is better, more possibilities of CONTROL. With this two keyboards everything fine, the problem comes when I try to use A-800. I think is some confusion I am doing with settings, but I can't identify where. The problem has three parts, as follows:

1 - Installing the driver was easy, I did the prior settings quickly, exactly the way of the manual. The problem begins whe I start LOGIC EXPRESS, right in this moment, and some other moments too, a little window with this message appear to me:

Device "A - PRO"is assigned to MIDI Port "A-PRO 2" which is not present.
Please ensure that MIDI interfaces are connected and switched on. If this is the case, please check the MIDI port setting of device "A-PRO". If this is correct, click "Reset All MIDI Drivers" in Preferences>MIDI>General.

As far as I'm concerned everything is correct with my INTERFACE (FAST TRACK PRO), with the port settings (according to the manual), and when I click "Reset All MIDI Drivers" the only thing I receive is the same message again and again. The question is: what does this messege mean? What do I have to do with it?

2 - I installed the A-PRO CONTROL SURFACE PLUG-IN, available in Roland's site to controll LOGIC EXPRESS from A-800. Since I did that the fields MIDI IN and MIDI OUT start showing signals of MIDI messages oscilating between two or more numbers. I don't know what it is, I'm not sure but, i think the correct is the TRANSPORT BAR show signs only when I send this messages from or to the A-800, what is really not happening. The question is? Why these signs of midi messages oscilating in the MIDI IN and MIDI OUT display in the transport bar? Is it correct? What do I have to do with it?

3 - And the last but not least. I just can't control LOGIC EXPRESS from A-800 with the A-PRO CONTROL SURFACE PLUG-IN. The driver of A-800 is installed, the editor is istalled (even the editor is not working, because of setting problems about midi devices). The PLUGIN from ROLAND is there, but I just can't control LOGIC EXPRESS, except for the keys that works very well.

I knew that it wasn't easy to do the A-800 settings, but not so difficult. One more time I apologize for the big question and my ignorance. I don't know if someone have had some experience like mine, but every idea is welcome. Since this moment ahead I thank you very much.


What I have to say is that the Roland's support helped me to find an answer. We tested the controller with another computer and everything was fine. The main problem was about software. When I formatted my computer almost everything was solved. The only problem that still remain is the midi oscillations in MIDI OUT display when ACT is lit. Now I can control LOGIC, and there is no strange advise when I start it. About the detail of the oscillations, maybe is a problem of configuration in LOGIC, maybe is a problem of hardware in my computer, I still don't know.

I wrote this because if anyone in the world is in the same situation, who knows, these words could help in any way.

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