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I just ordered a macbook with Logic Express 9. I'm new to the recording aspect of music even though i've been writing and having OTHER people record my music for 20 years plus. Aside from just the music gear, i.e. guitars, mic's, etc, what do I need to actually plug in and record? I have a berenger 4 channel mixing board; can I use that? If so, do I need anything additional to plug into the computer? What about powered speakers / monitors? If so, any recommendations (low cost) for home fun recording? I don't mean to sound so lame when it comes to this, but i'm new to the actual recording aspect. I look foward to any suggestions to help me in this new endeavor. Thanks.


My first recommendation would be to buy a dedicated FW or USB audio interface. It's hard to make a specific recommendation without more info about what you want to do and how much you can afford to spend.


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In order to receive qualified answers, you would be well advised to provide some more information. What is your budget, and what sort of music are you making. Is your studio acoustically treated? If not, plan on doing this, it is more important than recommending one brand of speakers over another.

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