Logic Pro 9 Logic Express 9 Lion OS BFD2


Can anyone help me? I am running Logic Express 9 on Lion OS and BFD2 (DVD Drum Program) is not showing in my virtual instruments. I ran AU manager. I'm so lost. I also downloaded the lastest BFD2 update and NADA??? Is BFD2 not compatible with Lion? Is it not compatible with Logic Express, does it need Logic Pro?
Hi there,
It should be fine. I'm running the version and it works really well (both 32 & 64bit versions). All running on 10.7.3.
Might be worth a re-install of BFD2? I'm using Logic Pro, but there's no reason to believe Express would behave any different.

Note that is actually a public beta, just in case you haven't got that version.

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