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Greetings All ...

Probably a silly question here, but I'm trying to understand how to access the various software instruments that came with Logic Express 9 while using Logic Pro 9. For example, in Logic Express 9, I have literally dozens of options under the Ultrabeat Drum Kit selection, including Asian Kit, African Kit, Latin Kit, etc. But in Logic Pro 9, none of these are available. And there are only about 14 Ultrabeat Drum Kits available in general.

I've poked around in the Library and Browser options. But I haven't yet found the solution.

Suggestions are welcome.

Sincerely ...

Are you sure you also installed the 42 GB of extra stuff Logic installed off the 8 DVD's that comes with it?

You can download then directly by looking in the Logic Pro menu, it's one of the options: download additional content.

If you did, just load the song into Logic and the actual instruments that made the GB sounds will be available, for example, a string patch in GB will become an EXS24 sample patch in Logic.

You can also forget to add the music library and sound effects portion of the install, since you really don't need them and they just take up space.
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Hi George ...

Well, that's awesome advice. And obviously, the answer is no. I haven't yet downloaded the additional content. I'm working on that now. And there's a boatload coming in. When I bought Logic Pro 9 from the App Store, I tried the Additional Content download once. But I might have been having a bad Internet day and it didn't work out. Since then, I completely forgot about the option.

Thanks for reminding me.

So, when I'm doing something in GarageBand or Logic Express 9, and I save the effort and copy all relevant content to the project, are you saying I can open the project in Logic Pro 9 and it will grab all the software instruments and such associated with the GarageBand / Logic Express 9 project? It doesn't just grab the voices and sounds used in the project? It grabs the entire software instrument?

And just out of curiosity, where does Logic Pro 9 store these software instruments? Are they incorporated as part of the overall Logic Pro 9 package?

Thanks for the help so far. I'll update this thread with the final results once the additional content is fully downloaded.

More to come ...

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So, once you have the data downloaded (and yes, it IS a boatload, or a drive load in this case ;-) you should be able to open a GB song in Logic and it should play back.

Now, I have heard that some of the sounds don't play back with the complete same sound, something gets lost or added in the translation, so I would suggest bouncing out your tracks that are super special that way, and then bring them into the new Logic session. you won't be able to edit them, but they will sound right.

It stores them in the main Library folder on your main HD. There are ways in the manual that tell you how to change that if your main system drive it too small. Me, I just account for them size wize when I bought the drive and leave them where they are.

Happy to help, welcome to Logic land.
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