Logic Pro 9 Logic Express 9 - where are the drum loops?


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Hi there,

Just installed Logic Express 9, looking in the Loops tab, and when I press All, it only has about half the buttons available. I'm actually after drum loops, but the whole third column and half of the fourth column are greyed out.

I"m assuming that I need to import the loops from Garage Band, but I'm hoping there's some other reason and that Logic Express actually has more core drums samples. (I know that Logic Pro has the full suite of jampacks, but I thought these were on top of Logic's existing loops).

Or do you think there's a problem and I should try reinstalling it?

Many thanks in advance...
It was a while ago now. I think I went looking for all the files and I found them in the OS library in a folder called Apple Loops - maybe that's where they are for Garage Band...

Then had to point the Logic Loops browser to that folder and import...or something like that.

Took a bit of trial and error but got it in the end. Good luck with your attempt!
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