Logic Pro 9 Logic Express Software Instrument Track Continues Playing


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I have a software instrument track region that insists on sustaining the last chord until the end of my piece, even though the track region itself ends directly after the chord.

Any advice on how to revise this issue would be appreciated.
Highlight the offending region, and open the Piano Roll editor. Check to see if the notes are really loooooong. They might not have received a "note-off" MIDI message. You can manually change their length in the Piano Roll editor, or in the Event List editor. Not enough info in your post as to how you input the notes...

Or you may have another track that uses the same software intrument?
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Also, try checking for rogue sustain pedal events (CC 64) that have a value of 127 with no accompanying CC 64 events with values of 0 immediately afterwards.
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Thanks! The issue was the rouge 127-sustain events with no 0-sustain notes. I would have never though to have opened up the midi event window.
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